Mittwoch, 31. August 2011

Pulling Moves

 I'm actually now, live, blogging from my very new and very own bedroom (in the very children's sleeping bag I bought back in Zaragoza, but in the huge bed I bought from Wille) in Gallstraße 25, 54290 Trier (Süd). Surprisingly one whole day before officially moving in. But who counts dayze, when great events are in the happening?

 I already told you about my arrival in Trier, my wild and young marriage with the Nex 5 and the massive excitement that followed, but I didn't about the first wild night in Trier, how I lost my favourite jacket in ze world and how I spent my dayze until this very happy moving-in-with-Wille-day.

 Sunday I was slightly hungover all day, so I did nothing at all, but Monday evening I was meeting up with the KnoppLehmlers of Trier and their dog - after balancing 10 (new and empty) tea chests on my head through town (they were bloody heavy!). We had a great walk with the KnoppLehmlers and their qwutey little doggy "Rosa". I learnt a lot about dog education and tought a lot about cameras (because the Nager is considering buying a proper digital camera). We spent the rest of the evening drinking good vino, eating good (Cashew) nuts and talking about good things. And taking this qwute pictures of the qwutest of doggies!

  Then I went home. Home to Wille. And we went to sleep, but I couldn't sleep. Then we got up. At 6am. And that was early. And we started packing for the move the very first time in our lives. Well, for this particular one. And we made it in time. Just about. There was stinking dog poo on the stoney road to glory (really, the dog poo was the worst - and of course the sun came out from behind the clouds the moment the nasty dog decided to defecate just at the big bootey (pi) of our VW Sprinter, which enhanced the strength of the doggy flavours) and we had to accept some major losses, but in the end it was a really nice day with friends, some outdoor excercise and some chilling in the afternoon sun with really good Döner and free Weizen beer from our lovely neighbours. And I got internet. What does man need more to be happy? BANG!

¡Buenas noches!

PS: der Soundtrack dieser Tage wird geprägt von ein bisschen Depeche Mode, Rammstein und massiv von dem unglaublichen Tron Legacy Reconfigured by Daft Punk.

well, we did a little thing on Sunday. we took the Nex 5 for a walk - now somebody tell me which ISO this is (it really actually is 6400, but where's the grain?)

"really, ISO 6400?!?!?"

macro shots of a spider in the bathroom. with DIY soft box

team demolition. both over 2m tall... and full of dirty jokes :D

walk the dog without letting him walk you - but those big sad eyeees...

the water was never this peaceful - good to have a nice camera at hand

Knopp's vegetation

attack the paparazzo in his own kitchen!

the heavy lens is not without its drawbacks - or rather drawfronts?

this ain't no cool wallpaper, it's the eyewatering effect of a too heavy couch unluckily misplaced on a massive tele
my bed to the left and my bed to the right, good night!

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